Single beam spectrophotometer UviLine 9100 / 9400

Goebel Instrumentelle Analytik GmbH - UviLine 9100
With our UviLine 9100 / 9400 series, Goebel Analytik offers you a high-performance single beam spectrophotometer as an inexpensive solution for your routine analysis in spectrophotometry.

Our UviLine 9100 / 9400 series is a stand-alone instrument with integrated control and data analysis software. Space efficient, versatile and easily adaptable to your needs by a wide range of available accessories.

Goebel Instrumentelle Analytik GmbH - UviLine 9100
Your benefits:

  • High-performance optics.
  • All commonly used measuring methods in spectrophotometry are available.
  • Versatile accessories.
  • Extensive data analysis functions.
  • Large graphics display with backlight.
  • USB connector for connection printers and other USB accessories.

You can download the detailed data sheet here:
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