Isocratic HPLC System

Isokratic low pressure HPLC system

An inexpensive HPLC system for isocratic routine analysis. The single channel detector and the manual inject valve allows for cost- efficient processing of routine analysis with low sample throughput.

The system configuration show above consists of:

  • Isocratic HPLC pump S1130
  • Manual inject valve with fixed volume sample loop
  • Single channel UV detector S3250
  • Chromatography data system GEMINYX III

Other system configurations and versions on request.

Goebel Analytik offers you the ideal solution for your HPLC requirements:

  • Pump systems covering a wide flow range from microbore via standard analytical flow range up to semi-preparative applications, with pump heads made of stainless steel or PEEK.
  • Gradient systems in high- or low-pressure variants.
  • UV/Vis detectors from basic routine detector with variable wavelength up to high resolution diode-array-detector with outstanding sensitivity.
  • Fluorescence-, refractive index- and electrochemical detectors.
  • Autosamplers configured to your specific needs.
  • Column ovens for cooling and heating.
  • Sotware for instrument control and data analysis from our own software development, perfect configurable for your needs.

… and additionally our competent On-Site-Service at fair terms:

  • Competent consultation already during planning stage, also for specific solutions.
  • Professional on-site-service and preventive maintenance at calculable terms for maximum availability of your systems.

You can download the detailed data sheet here:
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